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Circus replicates at legislatures

23, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: One after another famous circus shows are closing up. Viewers’ craze for various kinds of the performance has also receded with the time. People’s taste is changing with the incursion of variety-based programmes. Latest in this category is the closing of the 146-year-old Ringling Bros & Burnham & Belly Circus. Its last performance was acted upon in New York’s Long Iceland’s Union Dale. It was started by Ringling Brothers in 1871.

Country is circus
Country is circus

The shutting down of the circus shows is worldwide fact. Our country’s familiar circus shows were also closed with its losing sumptuousness. Even the Children are not showing enough interest in the older entertainment shows of the circus. They prefer viewing cartoon serials amusingly. Some people are of the opinion what is the usefulness of circus in the current time? We get ample amusement from our poly-trick-cians almost daily. Their changing statements and contradictory words bring more laughter than the circus entertainers. Our very popular leader Lalu Yadav always delivers ironical sentences which keep the avid audience laughing till his words do not conclude. His latest reaction was that Modiji administered an oath in a peculiar Nakshatra when neither sunset was visible nor it was complete wholly.

The scene they usually create in the Parliament and the Assemblies are like taming the fuming monsters. They throw paper balls, mike rods, chairs, files, and whatnot. When viewers view the fighting and kicking they begin to think of the circus trained artist holding leather whip for controlling the lions, tigers, elephants and even the expert jokers.  The marshals fail to control our leaders shouting and rising into the well of the legislature assemblies and the parliament. The speaker actually does not possess that kind of appliance for taming the howling representatives.

Everything is changing now at its own pace. The political atmosphere changed on tea, a common man’s drink. Cows are coming under the purview of Aadhaar card. Just as the custody of the animals supposedly caused the age-old Mahabharata war so as today’s politics is boiling up on the cows.  Common man’s basic ingredient, the wheat flour, is becoming dearer day by day while the rich man’s food, net pack data is getting cheaper week after week. Cleanliness drive is ongoing with much publicity but we are still living amidst the piles of garbage.