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Chhota Bheem can solve all the problems of India: Rahul Gandhi

27, Mar 2014 By visshu

Rahul’s showcasing Congress’ Manifesto

New Delhi, India: The whole congress leadership, party workers and supporters were eyeing on party’s manifesto for the coming elections of 2014 and today it was the time to launch their manifesto.

Congress arranged a meeting of top leadership along with media agencies and the manifesto launch was about to happen.

Everyone in Congress was saying that it is Rahul Gandhi’s hard work and effort behind this manifesto and this is not party’s manifesto but Rahul Gandhi’s vision for the country and youth.

In this manifesto, we will see how Rahul Gandhi is planning to solve India’s problems and the time has come…the giant screen launches Rahul Gandhi’s clips and images while he was putting effort on collecting knowledge and making the manifesto for Congress.

And the action start on big screen… 27 Locations…. 5 Months….. 300 hours….. over 100 episodes…. 50 repeat telecasts…. 1 channel…. HD connection….. Ummm???…. 100 episodes….50 repeat telecasts…. 1 channel….HD connection…..What is that???

And then something happened that no one has imagined…. What was that….


It was Rahul’s 5 month… 300 hours effort without missing even a single glimpse of any episode… he came out with a vision and solution for all the problems of India.

Yes it is ‘Chhota Bheem’….. and then Rahul Gandhi announced in press meeting that ‘Chhota Bheem’ is the ultimate solution for country’s all the problems. whether it is security…. Sports.. or education….Chhota Bheem Sabse Shaktishaali…

And Rahul has also launched party’s slogan for 2014’s election to counter yesterday’s launch of BJP slogan. Neither vote for ME nor for HIM (MODI) …. Only for ‘Chhota Bheem’.