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Chetan Bhagat to write novel on analogy of alliance in Maharashtra

21, Oct 2014 By khakshar

Chetan Bhagat will soon be writing a novel based on an analogy of relationship between Shiv Sena and BJP in Maharashtra. The twist in the tale will be provided by naturally corrupt  boyfriend or girlfriend.

The cozy relationship between Shiv Sena and BJP ended just before elections with lot of heartburn. While one of the partners blamed the family of another for the break up , another kept quiet. Both parties wanted more space, which may  be the theme of Bhagat’s novel. After alliance failure Both have desires set on the same house .

Finally the silent partner realizes that the dream house can not be afforded by the resources available. The old partner has further less resources available with it to afford the house. Here enters the Naturally Corrupt . He or She says proximity is more important than the sharing of the house. The silent partners wants to show the old Partner it’s right place . The more melodramatic Partner seems sulking . It is wary of the new angle in relationship but it’s ego won’t allow it to ring it’s old partner.

The Novel will  become more  captivating with each hour. Even the Satta Market will start  taking  bets on who called who first and at what time. The Guide of the the more affluent partner wants it’s protege to stick with the natural ally of old. Of Course , the Great Novelist that he is , Mr. Bhagat will add dimensions like the third party even influencing the more vocal partner to move in the house with it’s support and a fourth party support.

The book may be titled One State only or Half- Alliance.