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Chankya, Taxilla and the Mountain King

01, Jun 2014 By khakshar

Many of the arm chair psephologists are now busy analyzing how “Chankaya” got it right. “Today’s Chankaya”  is registered as RNB Research and  is famous for exit polls projections in name of Today’s Chanakya Poll.

Today’s Chanakya has become famous for predicting fairly accurately, the second consecutive time the outcome of an election.   Mr. Kumar, the key persons of Chanakya Today, agreed to have a chat with the citizen journalist @khakshar.

He stated  the obvious fact of the name being inspired by “Chankaya ” or “Kautilya”, the mentor of the first Indian Empire.  His went on for hours glorifying the virtues and thoughts of “Kautilya”. He said that the team of  ” Today’s Chanakya” had earned a well deserved holiday and planned visit to the new self claimed “Chankaya” at Hardwar.

However it’s the  Alma Mater of  Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta , “Taxilla” which been more  in  vogue  than the  teacher of Economics and Political Science himself .  The Prime Minister   who is known for his hawkish attitude towards a neighboring country had stated  “Taxilla”  will be brought into Indian domain. People are now realizing that the statement came in view of his political acumen. It is another matter that  Pundits have started analyzing the change over from hawk to much endangered dove.

It was also planned that “Taxilla” will be  will be placed near Nalanda in Bihar , which was the university where Kautilya  was denied admission. The trusted lieutenant of the PM , “the mountain king” ( a pure translation of Giri- moontain , raj-king) was given the charge of wild west “Nevada”  look alike “Nawada’ bordering “Nalanda” to ensure logistics for shifting.

It is now folklore that the Mountain-King took his assignment with zeal. Seeing the difficulty in bringing the old University from Pakistan to Bihar, he suggested that people of a particular thought should be sent for higher education in the ancient University which was a part of  Gandhar (Kandhar) and is situated nearly 80 Km.s away from RawalPindi. Some self proclaimed intellects of India have even booked tickets to Pakistan.

Meanwhile it is gathered from Pakistani Revenue officials that a company with an Indian politician’s relative as a partner has bought large tracts of land in  SWAT Valley . Swat is the hot bed of Tahreek-e-Taliban and land is quite cheap in the beautiful area. The area is known as “Switzerland” of Pakistan. The reporter also learnt that Pakistani Taliban operated financial Institutions like “Swiss Banks”.  With Swat nearly 300 Kms away from Taxilla and exodus of  self acclaimed Liberals from India , the price of land is bound to escalate.