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Chandra Mohan Sharma was an undercover agent: Kejriwal

09, Sep 2014 By krantikari_yeda

After Aam Aadmi Party cheif Arvind Kejriwal succussfully exposed BJP MLA Sher Singh Dagar of buying his party MLAs, he has credited Late Chandra Mohan Sharma for the help in providing the necessary information to expose the face of BJP in front of the media today. Taking inspiration from the British television drama Sherlock, where he fakes his own death to stop Moriarty, AAP also followed suit and faked Chandra Mohan Sharma’s death to stop corruption in the country.

Agar Humko Paanch Saal aur dete toh sabko expose karte

Following his press conference with the paid media, when Faking News contacted Arvind Kejriwal he said, “Yes Chandra Mohan Sharma was our undercover agent who was secretly working on this nexus. We had staged his death and made sure it looked genuine so that he can work as a secret agent in exposing all the immoral political parties present in the country. He made sure he kept cameras at every party offices where our Aam MLAs visited for the striking the deal exposing the deal. But, the police busted our secret operation by arresting him, so we decided that it was high-time for us to expose the nexus which included political parties and also police force which did not let us complete the operation”.

When Faking News reporter asked Kejriwal why they took inspiration from Sherlock and not C.I.D which eventually solves cases within an hour, he said, “We had a very elaborate plan of exposing everyone, but due to the involvement of police also we decided to go for private detective way. Ek Mann ki baat aur sir, hum to aam aadmi hai, humein sirf dharna karna aata hai, Daya ki tarah darwaza tod ke andar jaana nahin”.

Latest developments suggest Faking News that RAW and CBI have approached Aam Aadmi Party to gain suggsetions from them to carry out the undercover operations and also strike a deal with them to keep RAW and CBI out of their expose list.