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CEC on dharna opposing Delhi Elections

11, Feb 2014 By Kannan

In a late evening press release, CEC office has informed that there will be a Dharna by CEC at Jantar Mantar, in case Delhi CM resigns for failing to get constitutional validity to Jan Lokpal Bill.

CEC has sent official request to allot the venue from the day of resignation for an indefinite period. “CEC was very much disturbed. With few weeks left for General elections, the job load was already at a high. Over and above, if he had to schedule sudden elections to Delhi, his staff are in no mood to listen to him. As such, all temporary staff was deputed from education department and other such departments of state and central governments that are not needed for the Government. However, the staff from such departments are not willing to do election duty, as this means, they really have to work. Though political parties provide them lots of perks and reduce their work load by booth capturing and casting votes on public behalf, still Government employees do not see this as a preferred deputation. Thus, holding another round of election in Delhi will be a nightmare to CEC.”

This Dharna has got support from unexpected quarters. Raghuram Rajan, the money Doctor of India, has decided to fast for three hours after lunch at the venue. He was in fact, was troubled with the expenditure that may cost the exchequer for these elections. He reasoned, “See, we can’t stop spending money on sending MLAs to foreign countries, providing security to classmates of Priyanka’s children and Buffaloes of Azam Khan. But, at least we can have elections, only once in five years. Though AK doesn’t follow any logic I request him to try to think logically, at least once. There is no harm in trying”.

However, on hearing this news, Delhi CM has simply told, “I don’t have any Government of my own. This is of Delhi people. And Congress is supporting it while BJP is opposing. If there are elections are no elections, I am no way responsible. I am responsible to enact JLPB. Regarding elections, you may ask aam admi of Delhi – you may conduct a survey. I can provide you agencies who can do this faster and cheaper. And if there are elections, Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi are responsible, for not supporting me.”

Office of Rahu Gandhi clarified, “Rahuji is not responsible for anything bad that happens. He is responsible only for Good.” Off the record, the same spokes person explained, ” He is not responsible for our internal systems. How the hell he can be faulted for something as remote as Delhi elections”.

On behalf of NaMo, Mr. Jaitley reasones, “This is absurd. We will not be pressurised by these blackmail tactics of AK. We already yielded to such blackmail and Kandahar haunts us till date. NaMo is the strongest leader of India and we did not request AK to form the Government. In fact, as Opposition, we are duty bound to ensure he falls.”

Watchman at LG’s castle hoped his boss, LG would be the master for the remaining term. “Why elections sir, when we can have President’s rule?”