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CBI disappointed with being declared legal again, forced to cancel “Teen Patti” tournament

12, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

CBI Headquarters
Legal again?

After a Supreme Court order stayed the Guwahati High Court order that had given CBI officers time to take a break from investigations, Ranjit Sinha- the director of the CBI- expressed his regret at the development. Apparently, in the two days that the agency had ceased working, the organization had gone ahead and set up an interdepartmental “Teen patti” tournament which it would now be forced to cancel.

Speaking to reporters from outside his cage office, Ranjit Sinha said, “We are all tired of all these cases and investigations where the government asks us to stop investigating and the Supreme Court asks us to keep investigating. Frankly, we were all rejoicing after the Guwahati High Court, in all its wisdom, declared us unconstitutional. I finally thought we would have a chiledl life like the Ministry of Culture or Rahul Gandhi.”

“We had even deputed our best sleuths to organize a teen patti tournament which we are now being forced to cancel,” Mr. Sinha added morosely. “We even bought one lakh packs of cards at zero loss rates. What will we do with them now?”