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Caught between NaMo wave and AAP wave, man forgets to take blanket during cold wave

08, Jan 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Lucknow: A businessman from UP called Ramesh Shukla was recently hospitalized with severe pneumonia in the state’s capital city of Lucknow.

Narendra Modi
Polar figure.

Apparently the man was an avid watcher of news channels and had been tracking the Narenda Modi wave and thereafter, the AAP wave so intently that he forgot to even take a blanket for several nights in a row.

“He would keep talking about Narendra Modi for hours on end,” Mr. Shukla’s wife, Premvati told this Faking News reporter. “All day, everyday, at lunch or dinner, all he would talk about was how the Narendra Modi wave was going to change India. But then Arvind Kejriwal became Delhi’s Chief Minister and he switched to talking about the Aam Admi Party wave. Frankly, we were getting a little tired of it all. Achha hua bimaar pad gaya.

When Faking News went to visit the man in hospital, he was clearly quite disoriented because the first question he asked us was, “Election kaun jeeta? Kejriwal ke Modi?”