Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Cartoonists and comedians appeal to Pappu to campaign non-stop

11, Dec 2013 By basoo

In a day of stunning developments, when all the pundits were analyzing the results threadbare they were all shocked, astounded, dumbfounded at the new “Forum for People for Comedy” a loose conglomeration of Comedians, cartoonists and journalists led by FakingNews’s Pagal Patrakar announced a clarion call to Rahul Gandhi to step up.

They want him campaigning non-stop. Most people were at a loss to understand why. When pressed Pagal Patrakar explained, “You think it is an easy job to write comedy. We need leads and repeated non-sense uttered by our politicians. Right now, who better than Rahul to show us the way.”

A lot of cartoonists who went on hunger strike as they became unemployed when Rahul reduced his campaign speeches were overjoyed. “I made commitments to my family, since I live in urban area, NREGA was also not available, how am I supposed to live,” was their angst.

In a stunning move BJP extended its full support to the forum. When asked Prakash Javdekar explained, “Wherever Rahul Gandhi has campaigned, due the non-sense being uttered congress has always lost… So we welcome this wholeheartedly… It is win-win situation for the nation”, he thundered.

Digvijay SIngh tweeted, “Will modi have such an impact, I challenge him to stop campaigning and prove it.”