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Cartoon campaigning strategy introduced by Rahul Gandhi to woo small kids, the future voters

03, May 2014 By fundude

Anticipating a bleak and black future post 2014 general elections, the young turk of Congress, Rahul Gandhi appears to have come up with a brilliant idea.

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi
“Good work son”

Report says that this idea struck him while watching his favorite T.V. channel “Pogo”. Young Gandhi emerged out screaming from his room and disturbed the party high command meeting undergoing in adjacent hall. Sources have information that the meeting was being presided by Robert Vadra- national son-in-law-elect -under the close watch of Sonia Gandhi and all this beneath the hawk-eye and aquiline nose of Priyanka Gandhi.

Everyone except the three aforementioned stood up and began pampering the young Gandhi with their best patronizing tone and gesture. Rumor is that Diggvijay Singh offered him (Gandhi) his seat and stood massaging Rahul’s head for rest of the session. Manish Tiwari was heard as saying- Magnificent display of innate authorial leadership skill bequeathed since aeon. Rahul could not understand a word because he had left his pocket dictionary (English to Italian) in his bedroom.

Rahul went with his remarkable plan as followed-

See, I don’t see any future of our party for next couple of elections. So, I’ve planned to target the youngest batch of Indians- in the age group of 0 to 8. Through “Cartoon Campaigning” we should feed pro-congress ideas into their immature mind so that they turn up to be our supporter in their adulthood. Chances are high that once the kids begin to reason, they will understand the lofty motive behind our appeasement and sops distributing policies.

 His idea was widely applauded. Sonia Gandhi had grown emotional to witness this level of intelligence and smartness in her prodigy. Manmohan Singh was (un)moved by this ingenious proposal and was found to utter record 4 times his famous revolutionary quote- theek hai (All Right).

One of Faking News reporter in Delhi went to party office to confirm this news. To his dismay, no member was present to give any comment. Later it was found that all of them were busy watching cartoon channels to come up with campaigning tactics and ideas.

Overwhelmed by zooming TRP, Association of Cartoon Channels have extended their sincere thanks to Rahul and promised to air a series of special episode on him. “Pappu’s Wait Dream” is rumoured to be the title of the show.