Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Canine revenge

15, May 2014 By khakshar

With nearly all exit polls predicting majority for a certain political alliance , the media is also abuzz with dismal showing by other political and not so political outfits.

It seems that one of the political parties  has even started shielding its jewel stones from being  smudged. The  smear has to be shared collectively is the motto.  The not- so- political outfit has as always blamed the “Paid-Media”.  This outfit says that their stand of “Elections are fought in News Rooms” has been vindicated.

Meanwhile all political parties predicted to do below their own high estimate have called for TV channels to stop showing them in bad taste.

All of these parties are peeved off on an  advertisement being telecast many times. The  advertisement depicts a dog answering it’s nature call on a vehicle other than its preferred model of vehicle.

These political parties have  complained that it’s like instigating.  Fear of similar fate as the pissed off vehicle has been their main concern. The un political  party is more worried as many of it’s leaders have been smeared before.