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Candidate changes name to NOTA, wins landslide

09, Mar 2014 By MRP

An independent candidate contested a recent by election in Tamilnadu after changing her name to NOTA, and landed a seat in the assembly rather easily. Unaware of the meaning or importance of the NOTA option, this candidate from Tiruchinapalli in Tamilnadu, garnered more votes than any other member in the history of Indian elections.

The voting machine that created history
The voting machine that created history

Overwhelmed by the success and unable to contain her excitement she said “My old name was Noopur Tambuchetty. But all my friends called me Nota, that stands for the first letters of my name. Then everyone started calling me Nota, so much so that nobody would identify me with my real name. So I was forced to change my name officially.”

Reacting to this rather amusing situation, the Election Commissioner said, “this shows how popular the NOTA option is. It was our brilliant idea. It is a different matter that voters mistook the name Nota to the NOTA option.”

Taking a cue from this, Congress has now ruled that tickets for the coming Loksabha elections would be given only to those who change their names to Nota. “At least this way we will be able to win a few seats this time”, said a party spokesperson on condition of anonymity.