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"We can now easily identify RSS-BJP workers to murder from the photos": CPM cadres thank anti-CPM protest organisers

04, Mar 2017 By manithan

Kannur: CPM cadres from Kerala had wholeheartedly thanked the RSS-BJP members in Kerala. Readers need not worry whether these two sworn enemies had made peace with each other.

BJP and RSS cadres from Kerala and the rest of the country took out minor protests condemning the killing of their cadres by CPM cadres in Kerala. While the protest was to condemn Communist Party of India (Marxist) killing, the communist cadres’ mood was not as expected. In a press meet organized by CPM in Kerala, a top brass leader Achuthan Vijayan had thanked the protestors.

File photo of BJP protest against CPM cadres in Kerala
File photo of BJP protest against CPM cadres in Kerala

Speaking at the meet, Achuthan said, “Earlier, when I was a young guy, we were struggling a lot to find out BJP-RSS workers and then have to work a lot to rat them out of their den and slaughter them. We have to first find out the names of the workplace, then go around industries threatening managers and getting their names from the registry. Then, we have to track them down to their address and with no photo available, have to massacre the whole family so that the Sanghi doesn’t get escaped. There were so many collateral damages and this hampered the productivity of our communist comrades.”

“Even recently, our young guns had sharpened their social media skills tracking down users who like or comment on pro-BJP posts in Facebook and Twitter. But, they also go wayward and start playing candy crush. If our comrades’ hand start playing such games, it will reduce the communist fire in them. Thankfully, BJP and RSS cadres have protested in large numbers across Kerala this week. We have gathered photos of all these protests. I guess this is large meeting of all of them and most of the heads visible in those photos will roll soon. I urge those Hindutva goons to organise such protests again and again, so that we can weed them out faster and easier.”, bellowed the communist leader.

But his face suddenly saddened, “Wish we had such protests back in our days. We would have crushed them out and made Kerala a non-Hindu..chi.. non-Hindutva state.”