Saturday, 24th March, 2018

Can it be better political alliance?

28, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Politics, politicians and political parties are synonyms and the forms of government revolve around these factors. Whatever politicians are compelled to act comes under the instructions of the political parties and these actions ultimately become politics. Now, all the political activities are evolving around strategies to check the Bhartiya Janata Party. As Modi and BJP are similar for each other, the opposition parties are devising ways and means to prepare a course of action against them. Though it is not an easy task in the first instance, it is not impossible for disgruntled political parties.The latest example in this direction has been found in the presence of several parties’ popular leaders on one platform.

It, of course, takes an ample time to come to a far-reaching conclusion but the recent step is also better in a different way. If the opposition parties’ leaders realise their united stand can bring some kind of improvements in the political scenario, there may be some political sagacity in it.They seem to be moving on their goal of checking onward march of the invincible BJP. They begin with the topic of the presidential election candidate, which is supposed to be finalised in about sixty days. A united stand can mar the prospects of the saffron party. They certainly have enough time to consider on every aspects of the political fortification to contain the BJP’s victory wheels.

The BJP looks a little bit embarrassed with this development. All the vital political parties are meeting for some purpose which, according to a BJP leader, has been termed as Benami Property Alliance (BPA). There is some kind of trepidation on this grouping otherwise the BJP has not stated something like this in its acerbic remarks. Indication of looming unity among the opposition leaders was certainly persisting as they are aimed at fighting with rising popularity of the PM Narendra Modi as have been also approved in various surveys. Opposition joins hands on a choice of the next presidential candidate which shows their solidarity on the political purpose. Every important political leader appears united on a subsequent runner for the highest post of Indian Republic. There is unanimity on a contender with a secular image. If the ruling party does not coincide with opposition parties leaders, there is a probability of fielding opposition parties’ aspirant for the presidential office.