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Cabinet Approves FDI in House-Maid Services

25, Sep 2012 By Tathagat Khandelwal

Before storm of  FDI in Retail could settle down, The Underachiever took one more decision. Yes! Union cabinet has cleared FDI in housemaid services.

In a rather shocking and surprising move the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh cleared 100% FDI in Housemaid services. Indian stock Market gained 1000 points after the news broke. All the corporates welcomed the decision stating “FDI in Housemaid services was long due for India”.

Union commerce minister Anand Sharma told media “We have taken this decision after utmost consideration and consultation with our allies. This move would help reviving Indian economy. Now world’s biggest housemaid service providers will be able to do business in India. This will improve competition in domestic market and people will get best services sitting at their home.”

“We have been receiving grievances of many housewives from all over India. They complain that their housemaid comes only 15 days in a month and demand salary for 30 days. Also, they ask for expensive gifts at each festival. Not just this, they ask for Sarees, Jeans, utensils and other household items every now and then by giving examples of neighbors where she works and threatens to leave the job if the demands are not fulfilled. This is something which resembles the habits of one of UPA’s past ally and not acceptable at all.” said Mr. Sharma with smirk.

L K Advani wrote in his blog that “The decision is undemocratic and against poor people of the nation. This government has left nothing for us to sell, what will we do when we will come in power (sigh)?” On the other hand Sushma Swaraj welcomed the decision. Mrs Swaraj tweeted that “I met Gurusharan Kaur last week and discussed it and in less than a week, we have the FDI. Hurray!!” Surprisingly Mamta Di, Vrinda Karat, Mayawati and Kanimozhi also supported decision of the government. The male politicians, who were protesting against the decision, changed their position by evening (after getting call from their wives) and said that they were misquoted.

Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that India needs urgent reforms, Foreign Investments and the government is doing anything and everything which is required to be done at every level. He erupted with joy when media told him that these housemaids can also be employed by working professionals at their offices.

Digvijay Singh said that “Housemaids are the biggest concern of common people of India. Indian unions of housemaids monopolize the business and provide very poor services to the people. So far each government was unsuccessful in doing anything good about it. So we thought that FDI could help us as it helped other countries to improve the services.” He also said that this policy will help Farmers and create 1 crore jobs for youth in India, but refused to comment when asked how.

“Many middle-aged married men found partying and boozing on and around road after getting the news. Some of elated men demanded that these companies should import at least 70% of their workers (especially blondes) so that we can have some fun being at home” said PTI. People were seen singing and dancing on the song “Singh is King” from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Many Hyper-sexual male of Gurgaon went to meet Manmohan Singh to thank for the decision. They also offered their vote in next general elections if some more such decisions will be taken in next few months.

Shakku Bai, seen fuming at the decision. She came out of Prime Minister’s home leaving her work in middle when she heard the news. She claimed at Arnab Goswami’s show that she knows many dirty secrets of politicians and would reveal them, if the decision is not taken back. Albeit she refuse to name any particular politician when Arnab repeatedly asked her that the Nation wants to know the truth.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh officially dedicated this policy to former politician and Andhra Pradesh governor N D Tiwary and Bollywood star Shakti Kapoor while addressing the nation on Doordarshan. “All the housewives who doubts the integrity and character of their husbands, please understand that during tough times we have to say YES to a sexy lady and NO to not so sexy lady. Please strengthen my hands by handing out that broom to the Sexy Lady”

Dr. Singh also said that their government is also considering opportunities in many other emerging sectors and Sweepers Services, News hawkers’ services, Dance Bar sectors, babysitters are few among them.