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Bystanders Make More Money Than Kejriwal On AAP Foundation

27, Nov 2012 By unpseudosecular

Aam Aadmi power is surging. Membership forms sale is off the charts with demand far exceeding supply. With suggestions of black market in application forms coming from sources, Faking News correspondent rushed to the site. Earlier another journalist friend had given us direct hints of such a possibility, but being on a Digvijay singh payroll, was ignored by our honest correspondent.

Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal got less

On reaching location we found Arvind taking to an impromptu stage made up of three coke crates staked vertically and announcing –

“We’re handing over this black market in membership forms issue to our internal Lokpal with immediate effect. Meanwhile, I’m glad to see unprecedented rush for becoming AAP member, janta has to be the change they want to see in the world”.

This caused a confused round of rush to the application vending tables and also mobbing of people with multiple forms. People were heard saying Arvindji asked to “give the change”. There was another round of buying of Rs. 10 membership form. With number of forms further reduced, IAC sub-committee on form sale had a quick consultation to counter the menace of “black market”.

One suggestion was to raise the price to Rs. 100. But seeing the large number of people with Rs. 10 forms around heckling the suggestion, it was abandoned. Saurabh Gupta, a committee member & IAC activist, suggested limiting the form sale to one form per person.

He said – ”Look, the problem is Arvind has struck such a cord in people’s heart that they are gifting memberships to their teenage children, the future of India. Schools, which generally force kids to collect money for various causes like Blind Relief, during Diwali Vacation, have chosen to resell AAP forms for a little margin. All this is adding to the pressure on forms.”

To get aam aadmi perspective, Faking News correspondent spoke to one Manoj Prakash, manning the form vending table, to understand this massive demand phenomenon.

Manoj said –“In the morning, sale was slow, but by afternoon sales shot up. I think there could be two reasons. Unlike other times, the price of “mai aam aadmi hun topi” is raised to Rs. 30. So, people chose to buy a form instead and make a topi for cheap. I myself made one like this only.”

Further he added-  “Other reason could be bystanders. I noticed a large crowd of onlookers watching the form sale for a long time, and a rumour circulated these yellow forms can make them founding members. Eager to not miss the historic moment, they jumped off the curb and into the crowd”.

When specifically questioned about the “black market” in the forms his eyes twinkled mischievously as he said – “Actually Sir, morning many people joined the Aam Aadmi movement, but seeing left behind people willing to offer more, they started flipping their forms”. He even pointed out his elder brother Satyaprakash, who did the same.

When we spoke to SP about this illegal practice of flipping AAP party forms for quick gains he said disarmingly “Sir, I was following Arvindji in the morning, but after selling my form for a good gain, I’ve switched to the curb. Now I’m  a bystander again.”

Meanwhile, IAC members were seen carrying away black trunks with currency notes in an ordinary taxi as Arvind Kejriwal hoisted a large white vinyl banner with Rs. 140,000 scribbled on it. However, far more bystanders walked away more contented from the day’s business.