Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Bugs of Big Brother

28, Jul 2014 By khakshar

Appearance of a post in our Journal seems to have opened a can of worms. The report appeared in Faking News yesterday. It was about how Prime Minister’s office was keeping a watch on the ruling party’s Member of Parliaments.  It detailed how Ministers and their off time activities were under scrutiny of the Big Brother all the time.  It dealt in detail about  the fortnightly sermons and guidelines to the esteemed lot of MPs from the ruling party.

Added to the can of worms  was the spice of the news reported in sections of media that high-power listening devices were found in the bed room of   13 Teen Murti Lane,  residence  of  Mr.Gadkari. Mr.Gadkari is  the road transport and highways minister.  Some of our famous media personnel with habits of making two plus two equal to five were quick to jump on linkage of both the reports. Some accused our esteemed journal of knowledge of Bugs in Mr.Gadkari’s house.

One of the super speculator credited our Journal as being hand in glove with the PMO.  While some justified their fears that the Big Brother was not only watching but listening too.