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BSP to take DRS

11, Mar 2017 By rofl gujju

Lucknow: Media groups across the India is running the headline: Mayawati blames ‘EVM tampering’ for poor UP, Uttarakhand showing, Faking news sources get the information that she is going to rise the demand of the Decision Review System (DRS) in elections.

Mayawati, the game-changer
Mayawati, the game-changer

Similar to Congress, Mayawati too is hoping for Oscar like goof-up in Uttar Pradesh. But after 3pm she changed her mind as she thought that it may send wrong message to the voters to take line of the upper caste congress.

There are much electoral reforms like Right to Recall and Transparency in party funding is pending, Mayawati going to rise new type of the reform based on the cricket’s DRS. As per the FN sources, she wants that DRS should be implemented with immediate effect and her party should given chance to take DRS for UP election 2017.

Basis of this demand is that the Election Commission called the umpire of the Indian democracy. It’s the institution which has the responsibility to maintain impartiality in election. In cricket, ICC accepts that umpire can make mistake and there is need of the DRS. On the same bases, her party raise the demand of the DRS.