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Black Money sent to Jaya after businessman mistakes reference to "madam ji"

25, Jan 2014 By lollusabha

Chennai: The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu today woke up to a pleasant surprise as she found Rs. 65 crore deposited in her bank account overnight. As she could not ascertain the source of the money the TN CB-CID was asked to investigate the matter. The investigation led by “policeman of the month” awardee and overall fat boy Mr. Saarath Powar has thrown up an interesting storyline leading to the transfer of the money.

It has been revealed that the well-known Tamil Nadu businessman Mr. Subramaniam Ramanathan made the deposit. The CEO of Lungi Mills LTD had this to say “In our state and all only one madam ok va?”. He claims that he mistakenly transferred the money into Ms.Jayalalithaa’s account and it was related to a new 850 crore cotton mill facility his company was building in the tirupur district.

Mr. Ramanathan says he had contact with a middleman called “AP” to fast track environment clearance for his company’s project. He says AP had told him “Madam ji ke liye cixty phive carod dena hei, tekay?”

He now believes he had taken the reference to “madam ji” in the wrong way and was working towards correcting the error.