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BJP workers in Gujarat protest as they are not able to celebrate Modi's success with alcohol

13, Sep 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

Narendra Modi is declared PM Candidate by BJP and all the BJP workers in Gujarat are protesting. It is ‘Rare of the Rarest’ that workers are protesting this decision especially in Gujarat.

“Why you people are protesting against this decision”, Fakingnews reporter asked one BJP worker.

“It’s like full Dhamaal for us. But we are celebrating it with Sweets only. We are fed-up with these kinds of celebration. How many times we are going to eat Thepla and Dhebra. When he became the Chief Minister of the State and we had enjoyed same kind of celebration but it’s a boring way of celebration, ” he replied

“We want ‘Real’ celebration like whiskey, Rum, Jack Daniels etc with little bit of Chakna as well. We are fed-up by enjoying Juice-on-Rock type of celebration. Right now Modi ji is in Delhi and we’ve talked with him over phone about our concern. He asked us not to worry as he will bring all the Vilayati Daarus from Delhi,” he added.

“When these kind of occasions come in Gujarat, especially related to Modi ji then Gujarat should not considered as Dry State, for rest of the days it’s ok,” another BJP worker said.