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BJP wonders if it should have fielded soldiers from 272 seats and asked other parties to withdraw their candidates

30, Apr 2014 By Sushant Sharma

A day after martyr Vikram Batra’s mother, Kamal Kanta Batra (also AAP’s candidate from Hamirpur), who shot up an open letter to BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi, in which she said that BJP should’ve removed its candidate if it has some respect for Nation’s soldier, the BJP has accepted its mistake in canvassing the strategy for Lok Sabha polls.

Modi wondering if he made a strategic mistake.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, party spokesperson Nirmala Sitaraman accepted the party’s mistake in launching the Mission 272+ campaign. She said the party should have instead launched Soldiers 272+.

“Had the party launched Soldiers 272+ instead of Mission 272+ then we could’ve easily sailed through elections. We should simply have placed 272 soldiers in the elections and should have asked other parties to drop their candidate in the name to display respect to country’s martyrs like martyr Kamal Kanta Batra┬ásaid in her letter to Mr. Modi,” said Ms.┬áSitaraman

“When we read the letter we immediately realized our mistake, it was a unanimous voice echoing in the party headquarters yesterday,” Ms. Sitaraman┬ásaid in a depressing voice.

Speaking further to Faking News she said, “Had the campaign was Soldiers 272+ then we could’ve won it easily, Do you know the pain of launching such a massive campaign named ‘Mission 272+’? Mr. Modi has to fly daily from charter planes and helicopters and that becomes the news for the days in media. Mr. Modi has to address so extensive and exhaustive rallies throughout the day. He particularly has to devise all those catchy slogans to attract audience which too sometimes become the source of controversies. We could’ve avoided all these controversies and run a very smooth campaign had we got this idea earlier. In fact no one should’ve made a move and we could’ve won this battle easily.”