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BJP will win 2014 elections: Gadkari

11, Nov 2012 By ramram

BJP feels that all is well with the party and what it is doing. There is no doubt in their mind that they would come back to power with a huge majority in 2014.

Gadkari could not believe it when he was told that this was not exactly the feeling among the general public. He came forward to clear the apprehensions of the people. When asked about the allegations against him, he said that this was part of a continuing campaign to malign him. Allegations were baseless, to say the least.

On being reminded that primary investigations by the IT department had revealed gross irregularities, Gadkari asked what else you would expect to be the findings of a department run by the central government. He continued, “Our own expert has investigated the whole matter and found that there was no substance in the allegations. He has given a clean chit to me. And what you should appreciate is that this was done within just 24 hours. Can the congress government cite one example of such speedy investigation in the history of their rule for so many years?”

Ram who was interviewing Gadkari asked, “But the person who investigated was from the RSS, the organization that wants to protect you”

Gadkari hit back, “What is the government doing? They are getting allegations investigated by CBI which has no choice when the government is to be shielded against the allegations.”

“Now the ruthless control of BJP by the RSS stands exposed.” Ram asked, “BJP has to act as per their dictate and take the blame for these actions. RSS wields the power without being accountable. This is similar to the situation in UPA where the Gandhi family takes the place of RSS.”

“You are absolutely wrong,” replied Gadkari, “Gandhi family cannot take the place of RSS.”

“Mr. Gadkari, it is said that some of the RSS leaders are involved in your devious business dealings.”

“Again, this is baseless, malicious, etc. But RSS has to do something to earn the huge finances they require for their existence.”

“Mr. Gadkari, there is a strong opinion within your party that you should resign and face the probe on the allegations”

“Mr. Ram, let me make things clear to you. First of all this opinion though it exists, is not strong. Secondly, I have already received a clean chit after the probe. The core committee has unanimously backed me. How can I hurt their feelings and resign? And you should know that if I continue as President I have better chances of protecting myself against the devious design of the government’s investigators.”

“That, Mr.Gadkari, brings me to the final question. Diggi chacha said that there was an understanding between Congress and BJP that each of them should refrain from exposing the other party’s senior leaders and their close accomplices. Is this the reason that your party does not take serious action on scams by the ruling party? You are not really fighting these issues. Your approach only confirms the assumption that you are hand in glove with the ruling party in corruption and other crimes. Why don’t you fight with a fraction of the sincerity shown by Kejriwal.”

“Mr. Ram, you are not aware of the real situation. The ruling party adopts very mean tactics. Whenever we raise voice against any of the numerous scams they commit, they come back and tell the public we are also involved in these or similar scams. As a party which is committed to honesty, we do not want our name to be tarnished. This is one of the reasons. The black money issue that Kejriwal is talking about was taken up by our Advaniji two years ago.”

Ram: “What happened then?”

“You know Mr. Ram, the Prime Minister laughed at the whole issue. Advaniji being a very respectable person got extremely humiliated by this response. He almost collapsed. The party rallied around him in this grave hour and he warned the party not to take up the matter further, since he did not want any of his party men to undergo such a devastating experience”

Ram: “You knew about the misdeeds of Vadra during 2008 itself. Why did you not act?”

Gadkari: “See we believe in our ancient culture. Vadra is the son-in-law of the Gandhi family. Any action against him would have grave consequences for his innocent bahu. So, we could not do anything in the matter.”

Ram: “The present situation is that the media and people like Kejriwal and Anna are doing what the people expected you to do as a responsible opposition. More seriously, you tend to make light of these exposes and bury them. Obviously you have lost credibility. This being so, how can you win elections in 2014?”

Gadkari: “We believe that UPA is much worse than us. People will have to vote for the better party. We do have to do anything. We shall surely win the elections and form the Government.”