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BJP upset with Google for no Doodle on the completion of Modi’s one year as PM

18, May 2015 By 0mar Abdullah

New Delhi. While BJP supporters, so called Modi-Bhakt, are celebrating Modi’s one year as a PM across India there is no Google-Doodle to do the same. This fact has upset the BJP party, sources say.

“Not only Modi ji and Amit Bhai, the entire party is upset,” Smbit Patra confirmed, “Modi ji who is always a tech-savvy man talks about technology and utilizes it to reach his supporters, yet Google didn’t do anything to honor him”

Sambit Patra
Sambit Patra asked Google to give a missed call and be a member of BJP Cadre.

“Are the Google guys not watching news channels and reading the tweets of Modi Bhakts?”,Sambit Patra fumed, “They must visit Ashoka Road and then they will come to know the gravity of the May 16 date.”

When Faking News asked why Google should advertise Modi’s celebration via Doodle, Google is much far away from political advertisements; everything is fair in Business and Politics party spokesperson replied. “I must say Google doesn’t know anything about India. He must recruit new guys who know about India and Modi or Google should give missed call to our toll free number and join BJP party as a member. And it will certainly help Google to come up with more Doodles related to Modi ji in future.”

“Google should come up with Doodle by its own. It is not only Modi’s one year but the path to Congress-Mukt Bharat also began on May 16. This date is as significant as our Independence day,” Sambit Patra expresses his hyper nationalism.