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BJP to throw grand party for Rahul Gandhi's home coming!

17, Apr 2015 By Ransa

New Delhi: “Thank God! Rahul baba is back!” this were the words coming out of most of the senior leader of BJP party. One of the senior leader expressed his joy “When he went for the sudden leave we were shell shocked as to how we will be winning our coming elections after all he is our second biggest election campaigner after Modi Ji and to be honest without his contribution Modi Ji alone would not have been able to pull off such a historic win in the elections.”

BJP Partying and Welcoming Raghul Gandhi
BJP Partying and welcoming Raghul Gandhi

“With many major elections coming up and Modi ji whom we rely on for our campaigns is not available due to his onsite visit for the implementation of  “make in India” project. We are entirely relying upon Rahul baba’s karizma and his brilliance to win the coming elections”

Taking a deep sigh he mentioned how difficult the past 57 days had been for most of the senior leaders, “we couldn’t sleep in the night since Rahul Baba left and our whole election strategy rotates around him. When he went missing, we had to revise our strategy which was a very difficult task. Also with him gone his well wisher like Digvijay Singh were also quiet which was a huge setback because we need “those words of wisdom pouring to ensure our win. Do you have any idea how many reporters are struggling to save their jobs as they are running short of news because Digvijay ji and Rahul Baba are silent and they don’t simply have anybody who can fill the void! Fortunately, they had AAP which provided the much needed relief to them otherwise those poor chaps would have lost their jobs already! “

We went to congress office to get their official statement but ironically there was utter silence. On further inquiry, we found out they were observing two minutes of silence as Rahul Baba has come back. We were able to get hold of one of the senior members, who with tears in his eyes said, “we are delighted that Rahul Baba is back. His flight landed form Bangkok which indicates that he has rejuvenated both his mind and body. He will be able to lead us in a great loss. Sorry I mean to say ‘win’ in the coming elections”.