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BJP to declare PM Candidate in an Oscar-like show

26, Feb 2013 By parthya

Inspired by the 84th Academy Awards ceremony held Sunday 24 Feb 2013, the BJP has decided to produce a similar ceremony to declare its Prime Ministerial  Candidate for 2014 General Elections.

“A gala event shall be held to declare not just the 2014 PM Candidate but also to distribute lot of other awards too. This way we will keep the morale of the party workers high” said Party President Rajnath Singh. The awards will be called as Bhaskars (“Bhartiya Janata Party’s Oscars“) and a miniature statue of Lord Shri Ram will be given as the award.

Some of the prominent categories are Best PM Candidate – Hindutva, Best PM Candidate – Secular, Best PM Candidate – Male, Best PM Candidate – Female, Best CM, Best Spokesperson, Best Parliament Disrupt-er, Best TV Debater – Arnab, Best TV Debater – Others, etc. But main prize will be, ofcourse, Best PM Candidate – Overall. To keep the nomination and voting process transparent, Mr. S. Gurumurthy is assigned the duty of counting the ballots.

Although, the event is meant to elevate the morale of the party, this initiative has lead to fissures in the party. Our sources indicate that apparently LK Advani is not happy with the news that he is not being considered for the main categories and will be given a Bhaskar for “A.B.Vajpayee Lifetime Achievement”. He might snub the event.

Even Nitish Kumar is not happy with the news that he is in a category where his fellow nominees (such as Udhhav Thackeray) are not “secular”, category of Best non-BJP PM Candidate. He is also not happy since he is not being considered in main categories. Mr. Kumar sighted the example of the film ‘Amour’, which despite being a Foreign Language film was nominated for the Best Picture at the Oscars 2013. He was only pacified by the fact that this is a “special” category.

Rumors are doing round that Narendra Modi is already practicing the acceptance speech for the prestigious award that might go beyond 45 minutes. Comedian Rahul Mahajan will be hosting the event.