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BJP starts a new Ministry of Fak U to tackle debates on scams

07, Jul 2015 By dashy

Our Hon. PM Modi is planning to start a New Ministry.

If my drunk sources are to be believed, With the amount of explanations that the Government has to give these days as they average almost One Scam per Day, they feel that there is a need for an entire whole Ministry for this.

They are planning to call it the Ministry of Flexure And Klutzy Unclarity, also loosely termed as “Minister of FAK U”.

He could become a Minister now

The Ministry would be led by none other than Sambit Patra but there are also plans to rope in GVL Narasimha Rao and Krishna Sagar Rao who have both proved their excellent track records on various debates.

The Ministry has one simple task and that is to give explanations on behalf of the Government whenever a Scam is unearthed.

The Guidelines for these explanations are also pretty simple:

– We didn’t Do it. – Where is the Scam? – But Rahul Gandhi went to Bangkok – It was on Humanitarian Grounds. – Arvind Kejriwal wear a muffler. – Congress has been doing this from a long time. – AAP is Khaas Aadmi

The Ministry will also be supported by Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh who were found standing in the front of mirrors and practicing “No One Will Resign” and “No One Is Tainted” from various angles with various expressions.

My drunk sources tried to contact Modi for more information on this, but he was on Silent Mode, so they will probably try to contact him again during his next #MonkeyBath.

When my sources tried to contact Sambit Patra, he was busy gargling with salt water, obviously to soothe his strained vocal chords. His Personal Aide told us that he had a Shouting Match with #ArnabGoswami tonight and didn’t want to be disturbed.

GVL Rao, proving his position in the new Ministry gave my sources an expression which clearly defined what this Ministry stood for …….. FAK U

The New Ministry is currently looking for a Brand New Logo for it so those who want to submit one are most welcome.

Disclaimer: Any Logos with Baba Ji Ka Thullu will be denied, Kapil Sharma already has a copyright on it.

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