Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

BJP shows no mercy on tasty Kebabs

05, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The BJP pours down its ample mercy on Muslim women with reference to the triple talaq matter. But it seems to have forgotten the Muslim men who relish the taste of Kebabs’ varieties made from the buffalo meat. Do they not deserve similar sympathy from the party? The BJP wants to prove it is the most sympathetic political party for the cause of the minorities and disapprove other opposition parties for overlooking their issues with as much gravity as its assertions show time and again.

If there continues such kind of leniency for the Muslims, there is no reason to deprive them of the consumption of the buffalo meat which is not abundantly available like it used to be earlier in the market. It gives the impression that the party wants to make the Muslim men too feeble to utter three talaqs in one go by forbidding their usual eating dish. It knows when the minority community men will not consume protein containing red meat; their bodily power will decrease bit by bit. In that case, they will refrain from saying those derogatory words in a fit of fury.

The opposition political parties are blaming the BJP since initial days that this saffron party was supposed to be showing a little more interest in the matter of divorce for its own vested interests. If the Congress accepts that it will not tolerate any injustice against women, the BJP does not lag behind in flaying the oldest party for its double-standards. Why so, this strong party wants to capture the precious votes of the Muslim women en masse. As it also knows the Muslim men are hesitant in supporting one political party, they move from one to another party. They are believed to be not in the habit of uttering total separation from SP, BSP, AAP, Congress and so on so forth.

Being a very emotional issue the Triple Talaq remains associated with their personal law so the hissy fits of the Muslim women erupt for consolidating their weak social status. They should like to secure all those better avenues which they need to obtain on the living planet. Conversely, the Muslim men are not getting instantly the main ingredient for preparing the crunchy Kebabs. Consequently, it is being hoped with all the optimism that this particular dish topic will gather condemnation on all corners. That’s why the political parties are blaming the BJP for playing down this issue unnecessarily.