Friday, 23rd March, 2018

BJP requests EC to direct voters to wear ‘gloves’ till 2014 LS elections

30, Oct 2013 By joshi

The heat surrounding 2014 Lok Sabha polls reached huge proportions as in a bizarre incident, the BJP has sent a request letter to the Election Commission requesting them to direct voters to wear ‘gloves’ till the 2014 LS elections.

“Our request is one which can be easily fulfilled. As it is, the winters are approaching and gloves will keep our dear voters warm. In the process, it will cover their ‘hands’ which signify the Congress party symbol,” said BJP leader Sushma Swaraj while distributing free gloves with lotus prints on them to a slum in Mumbai.

Winter is coming.
Winter is coming.

This is nothing but a reaction to Congress’ request to EC to hide lotus ponds. The EC had earlier rejected Congress’ request and the media had termed it as a ‘bizarre request’.

“We are in touch with MSD and other team members of the Indian cricket team (mostly batsmen). We will use them to endorse the use of gloves. The campaign will be named ‘Glove Love’,” said a senior party official at the AICC office in New Delhi.

Well, the chills can be felt as both parties are ready to cover anything but their own tracks that lead to corruption, communal-ism and petty games and tricks. Meanwhile, the common man will have to think twice before sitting next to a lotus pond and/or taking off his gloves.