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BJP quickly changes FB status to "single" after dumping Shiv Sena for upcoming polls

27, Sep 2014 By quirkyindian

BJP, after being committed for 25 years old with Shiv Sena, has quickly changed its status to single to attract potential alliance. A sobbing Shiv Sena was seen devastated at the unforessen dumping. A BJP spokesperson said, “Shiv sena had been an emotional attyachaar. It was a give give realtionship and we always had to concede to its erratic demands. Thankfully, we are now single- ready to mingle”.

Meanwhile NCP has ended its alliance with Congress and is already poking BJP on FB. The two are likely to date, and BJP has already consulted the renowned astrology firm Daru-RSS-wala who had approved of planetary compatibility.

Shiv sena on the other hand, had something else to say, “Our commitment to BJP was unflinching yet they did not give us our personal space. The last time our two leaders talked, we could sense a pre-poll affair with someone else. Hence it was US who dumped BJP”.

The battle is now of “who dumped whom” and regular status updates. In the thick of this mudslinging, Ektaa KKappoor has spotted a promising story to be made into a TV serial. “The story has all ingredients,” said KKappoor “we plan to make a love quadrangle with multiple twists, just what we were looking for. When all the scriptwriters have given up, we just found our masala from this episode, and this will last minimum 200 seasons, or till humanity survives whichever is earlier.”

Meanwhile AAP has requested FB to create a new status called “brahmachaari” (Virgin forever) so that it aligns with its non-alliance policy. “We are the only virgin party in this game of thrones season 7. We daily get more proposals to defect than girls in DU, however we maintain our stand.”

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