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BJP promises vegetables as part of food security bill, if brought to power

10, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

The pet project of Madam Sonia Gandhi has received massive debate in the past few months and ultimately received a mandate by the parliament after a Bollywoodish drama patronizing an “Emotional Atyachar” moment by the prince of India.

Dear Onions, welcome to politics.
Dear Onions, welcome to politics.

However, the saffron party is not far behind in fetching the election dividend out of it, although people think this populistic measure would drive the Congress back to power like the 2009.

In a recent rally at Fekhthiyarpur, in Bihar, a senior leader of the BJP has promised to overhaul the food security bill if brought to power, as the current form of the bill is a mere eyewash and an election gimmick. The overhaul will incorporate coveted veggies like onions, tomatoes and potatoes along with the existing rice and wheat benefits.

The senior leader said, “This Congress is a bunch of morons! Who would be sufficed with only rice and wheat at a subsidized rate. People are not fools, Congress lacks vision. We would show India how to dream of a sumptuous, complete meal a day with our Food Security Bill-Part2.”

This led to a massive applause from the audience and even a more massive applause when he went on to say, ” Sampoorn Aahar, Bharat mein Pragati ka Bahar!”

When approached for reactions, the BJP spokesperson has validated the leader’s vision as the party’s vision by saying, “Yes, we indeed would love to implement the vision. How tragic it is to ask a person to live only with roti and rice, when we know the importance of Roti, kapda aur Maakan. Although we may not burden the economy with the later two, yet we can add to the roti something essential, by making it possible for every Indian to have a complete meal. And yes, specially when you know onions are synonymous to diamonds.”

When asked about its ill-effects or counter effect on the economy, he answered assertively,”Where there’s a will there’s a way. BJP knows the way as it has the will.”

This news has created a ripple down the spines of economic pandits and of course the ruling class, the Congress. Senior Congress leader, Durvijay Singh mocked the entire vision by saying, “Even cows climb trees in fiction, they simply had an overdose of fiction. People are not fools.”

On the other hand,  Chief Economic Adviser handled this quite diplomatically stating, “Well, let’s bring the prices first then, otherwise the fiscal deficit would be as tall as the vision,” when asked by the reporters at function of CII amidst many industrialists.

Well, its time we must wait and see whether this great vision is turned into reality or is buried in the grave of distant Fekhtiyarpur in Bihar. Millions await curiously, hoping against hope at the cost of the dwindling Indian economy.

However, till May 2014, probably, we must drain our pockets out and moist our eyes with tears for a sumptuous meal a day. Well the economists may say, “Let it be so”.