Friday, 20th April, 2018

BJP pack looked gawky in UP

15, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

The party workers would have never thought they would experience this kind of scuffle.  Even others would have also not thought of it. But it frankly came to pass in Sitapur district.

The BJP supporters and workers paying allegiance to two respective leaders of the same party came to arguments and blows at the woollen blanket distribution programme in Maholi area of the district. Had it not looked discomfited for the party as well as its supporters?

Their leaders were none other than MP and MLA, the elected representatives of the common people.

What they were supposed to get their hands upon was the due attention of the people at the time of the programme underway inside a hall of Maholi Tehsil.

The brawl was unique in this exceptional sense that the fighters belonged to the same party. This squabble showed differences within the party with the right amount of firmness.

Were they ecstatic at the sensations coursing their stimulated bodies? It was surely not a fight between the two opposite political parties and if that were the case we were not as much uncomfortable. Such sorts of tiffs are fairly obvious in the political arenas but warring attitude among the same party workers appeared a little ungainly.

The BJP supporters clashed over the blanket distribution programme. Just check what their action looked at the venue. The Dauraha MP and Maholi Nagar Panchayat chief were distributing the blankets. In the meantime, Maholi MLA arrived with his supporters on the spot. He desired to give out blankets to the needy standing outside the hall.

Sooner the able police officers managed the chaos and both the leaders settled the fussy issue. Even the party’s district unit president Ajay Gupta made it clear that no problem was persisting between both the displeased leaders.