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BJP MP says those having B- blood group should go to Pakistan, sparks controversy

31, May 2014 By toshnikahani

In yet another “allegedly” divisive move by the Bhartiya Janta Party, one MP has claimed that everyone having a B negative blood group should go to Pakistan – including gorillas and chimpanzees.

In the speech, the MP said that the party was working on a uniform civil code which would best serve those having B positive blood group. “We are looking for a positive change which would make everything positive everywhere. Everyone will soon have a be positive attitude towards everything. We can handle other blood groups but B negative is totally orthogonal and outside our reach,” Giriraj Singh told media.

Giriraj Singh
Got to Pakistan

Congress has criticized this move for being expertly divisive. They said that since the BJP ran out of things to create divide on, they resorted to blood groups. They were also disappointed because they hadn’t got a chance to create reservations for B negative blood group people. “Even if blood group is just a state of mind, we should give power in the hands of these people. B negative people also deserve to donate blood freely.” said Rahul Gandhi.

Meanwhile the Aam Aadmi Party volunteers got worried since most of them were having a B negative blood group. They contemplated doing a Dharna however decided against it since that would added to the negative blood. The party leadership has advised volunteers to go for blood transfusion and change the Blood Group from B negative to O positive since they seek an image makeover and want to come out as universally positive.

Soon after the controversy broke out, Media lined up its Jawaans under the guidance of General Arnab. Their mission was to rubbish hate speech claims by some liberals. They called in few experts and “debated” over how dare an innocent remark over blood group was mistaken as hate speech. At the end of the news hour, Gen Arnab gave a clean chit to Giriraj Singh. BJP was proud to bag one more clean chit bringing the total count to 150 (as of 30th May 2014). BJP firmly believes in – one clean chit a day keeps negativity away.