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BJP MP arrested, after his wife died of natural causes

15, Apr 2014 By manithan

Disclaimer: The characters or events mentioned in the below fake news is totally fictitious and not related to any living or dead person. If you are found to be relating it to someone, then you are possibly a moron.

A BJP MP from TamilNadu has been arrested yesterday in connection with the natural death of his wife in a cinema theatre. She was watching the movie Conjuring, when her sudden demise had occured eight months ago.

BJP MP from Thiruvannamalai, TenKashi Karoor, aged 50 is well known here for his online and offline romances. A busy twitterati and Minister of State for Love Affairs, Karoor had once tried to contest for the General Secretary post of League of Nations. Since he failed to get that post, he had shifted to Tamilnadu and then contested in the 2009 election from Thiruvannamalai to become the Member of Parliament. Few years back, he told about using Public Class in Java which irked  the programmers. A playboy of his own sorts, he has had 8 wives and the woman who died in the theatre was his ninth wife.

It was eight years back, when he married Issdoor Pushmath, a woman of Sikkim origins. And three days before Pushmath death, there was a open fight in Google Plus, where her wife was tagging him and the Srilankan doctor, Mugara Tagara Nayake and wrote about extramarital affairs between them. She had also written about her connections with the CCL – Celebrity Cricket League. But the catfight went unnoticed because of the medium she chose, that is, Google Plus.  It took eight months for police to find out this Google plus posts to find about the fight between the trio.

Though the autopsy report came as “heart attack”, after reading through the Google Plus posts, Police acted swiftly and arrested the BJP MP. While being escorted, he was heard shouting, “Don’t take me in police car, Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar”. Congress was first to make an appearance to all the news channels that BJP and Narendra Modi do not respect women. They called Mugara Taraga an Srilankan spy who wanted to seduce BJP MP and let BJP take no action on the dying poor Tamils of their land. Congress blamed BJP for being pro-Srilanka and questioned their stance in the Tamil dying in that land.

National Commision for Women arranged press meet and wanted police to investigate the sudden natural death of the pitiable woman. An UK Author wrote on Guardian that, “Such will be bad state for women, when Modi comes to power that, women will die out of heart attack, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases.”

Certain sources confirmed that the BJP MP will be hanged to death for having an affair with a person from other country and also for his wife’s natural death. Feminists all across the blogs felt sympathetic for the woman who was murdered in the movie theatre by heart attack by the RSS-BJP-VHP combination.

News channels have forecasted that this will be the most hottest and most discussed news on their primetime, but always next to 2002 Gujarat riots.