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BJP makes surprise move, gives ticket to Arnab Goswami

11, Apr 2014 By rishi123

In what is being considered a brilliant strategy by BJP, journalist and spokesperson of Nation, Arnab Goswami,  is being given a ticket from BJP to contest for Lok Sabha elections.

arnab goswami
Ready for the job.

The reason behind this , according to sources, is that, in the event of NDA winning the elections, they could use somebody who would never let the Congress party speak.

“Yes, it is true”, confirmed Tarun Jaitley, senior leader. “Having expressed his outrage continuously for the last five years, we knew that Arnab would not be able to sustain his outrage, if he cannot call the Congress members to let them speak half sentences. Now if we win, we can make him sit in Parliament when it is in session, and every time the Congress or any opposition tries to oppose, he will automatically rise up and shout so loudly, that everyone else will just wish to shut their ears. The Congress is used to this, and when it happens in Parliament, they will not dare to speak.”

Moreover, it is widely believed that Congress leader by birth, Rahul Gandhi is still researching topics other than FDI and women empowerment so that Arnab wont torture him by repeating the same question five hundred times. Also, it is widely believed that Sanjay Jha, is planning to  undergo therapy in order to overcome the psychological injuries caused by listening to Arnab’s tirade every day, for the last five years.

It is reported that Advocate and BJP spokesperson, Meenaxi Lekhi is very upset with the development. However, like Advani, Shushma Swaraj and many others, she is also likely to patch up and just shut up.