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BJP, Left and other opposition parties not to contest 2014 elections

23, Aug 2013 By cynic

In a totally surprising and never heard move, all major opposition political parties have declared that they will not contest the upcoming 2014 assembly elections.

This unprecedented move is a result of all the political parties applying business and economic concepts to their election manifesto and promises. They feel that the business plan for the next elections is highly risky and will be a total failure, let alone surviving 5 years surviving in office & reaching a break even scenario.

This is due to the fact that the industrial production is either stagnant or decreasing, which results in unemployment and law & order problem in the long run. The rupee is also constantly falling, which leads to costly imports & inflation. The salaries of the people are not increasing in line with costs, which eats into their savings money, making them raise voices against the government. The agricultural economy is also in dire straits due to migrating agricultural labor and also uncertainties in climate, which the scientists claim is the work of climate change.

Different chapters of the business plan were prepared by leading consulting firms in the area of expertise, making the report a holistic and complete one.

A report by Mc Kinsey, warned about the growing difference between the rich and the poor, which according to history is a very hazardous & dangerous phenomena, and has the power to topple governments. Insider sources say that this particular chapter alone has scared many a lot from contesting.

Another report by Global Footprint network, a leading consultant in the area of natural resources has suggested that if India does not practice population control, it is going to boil and the predictions by Mc Kinsey will come true. As expected, this report was rubbished as the parties feel that more the population, more opportunities for smaller states and more opportunities for staying in power at some place or the another.

Taking all other reports into consideration, it has been decided that coming to power next year would be implicated with lot of difficulties, for example finding new areas to make scams, which is the main source of income to most parties. This area is extremely challenging and next to impossible as Congress over 10 years of rule has put great efforts in tapping every available area to do scams.

The opposition leaders also fear that they will bear the brunt of the mess created by Congress and if extremely lucky they might get a chance to smell the leftovers, before drowning in it.

Congress not totally surprised by this latest development, is contemplating to resign and not to contest again, which if true will send India under Presidents rule. But what is stopping it is the power of incumbency, which allows it to squeeze the remaining juice out of the country, before declaring it dead.

Not all things are gloomy as presented. Believing this situation to be an opportunity to take the country to a better situation, people like Narendra Modi (Other names not standing a chance, like Arvind Kejriwal) are working hard to get into power, with a hope to make a difference.

This is a very critical juncture for the country and more news is awaited.