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BJP leader files complaint against a man for not showing up to vote even after taking the free booze

04, Dec 2013 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: In a rather shocking event a senior BJP leader today filed a complaint against a man for not showing up to vote even after taking the free booze a night before the voting day.


According to Surendra Singh, who is BJP’s candidate from New Delhi, a common man named Vijay Chauhan cheated him by not voting for him even after receiving enough alcohol for himself, his family and his friends for free.

“He took a lot of whiskey bottles for free and promised us that he and his family members will only vote for BJP, but he didn’t even show up at the poll booth. That’s pure cheating so I want him arrested under section 420,” Surendra Singh  told Faking News.

“He told us that he has 10 votes in his family. We checked the voter list only to find out that he was telling the truth. So, we gave him a lot of whiskey bottles for free. I waited all day long at the poll booth just to catch a glimpse of my 10 sure votes, but they didn’t come,” he added angrily.

On the other hand, the accused, Vijay Chauhan is blaming the BJP candidate for all the chaos.

“He gave me too much alcohol, I drank all night and slept all day due to the heavy hangover, same thing happened to my other family members,” Vijay told Faking News.

“We were all too high to walk up to the poll-booth and vote. This is all because of that BJP dude,” Vijay further added.

When asked why he decided to sell his voting right just for free booze at first Vijay said “Look, we all want to vote for the best man, but he is never a candidate and who doesn’t want a free drink in a city where even drinking water is so unaffordable.”

“A politician is someone who before elections gets you as high as he can and pokes you from behind after elections. This complaint thing is all a conspiracy.” Vijay went on to add.

Meanwhile, Congress leader, Rahul Sharma, is also planning to file a complaint against the reporter who conducted a sting operation on him while he was distributing the free booze for votes.

“That sucker reporter took 6 bottles of Scotch. Sting and all are okay but 6 bottles of Scotch cost a fortune,” Rahul Sharma said.

When asked if it is right to distribute free alcohol for votes he loudly said “I don’t know I just want my booze back.”

Meanwhile, both BJP and Congress superiors have clarified that there is nothing wrong with distributing free alcohol.

“Well, chemically speaking, alcohol is not a problem it’s a solution.” they said in one voice.

“Plus it is well known that alcohol is a truth serum, we just wanted the truth to come out,” they added.