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BJP Jharkhand unit doing camapaign for BSP

17, Feb 2017 By Kumar
It would be interesting to see how Mayawati reacts
It would be interesting to see how Mayawati reacts

Ranchi. Today on the day of the Jharkhand investors global summit, the state has been using a flying elephant as its symbol. On asking this question with the BJP Jharkhand state’s unit head replied that the Jharkhand BJP is campaigning for BSP in the state due to ongoing elections in UP. They wanted coalition from Bahanji’s party as she is the only true leader of backwards. This is no political opportunism but a strategy to continue Congress free India and SP free UP.

The interesting thing in the symbol was that the elephant was having wings. This was contrary to the election symbol of BSP. We also raised this question to the state’s BJP head, and we got this as answer: “We know that  this question is going to be asked. Can you tell me why didn’t this question was raised when Udta Punjab was released? If Punjab can fly then elephant can also fly. This is unique of the type of elephant and this will promote the tourism industry in Jharkhand.”

The event is supposed to bring lot of investment to the state, as so many investors came to Jharkhand. The fund can be further used for election campaign and closing the ties of BJP and BSP. on the other hand BSP may use desert lotus for the UP global investment summit, if it came to power in UP in the upcoming elections. With their this move the boys of UP are definitely not be happy as its directly going to affect them in elections. Both SP and congress have decided to go against this misuse of symbol and had complained with the election commission.