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BJP eyes Rakhi Sawant's support, calls it RSS-new

13, Jan 2014 By gappi

On Facebook, a new video has surfaced where Rakhi Sawant is seen lambasting Kejriwal in her inimitable style. Referring to the Delhi CM as ‘Bhai Kejriwal’ at places, the video climaxes towards the very end with a song – although out of rhythm but bursting with passion – charging Kejriwal of his changing positions since Anna’s movement. Proclaiming herself as ‘Desh ki Beti’ she is seen alleging Arvind Kejriwal of an identity crisis, comparing his work to that of a ‘Raavan’.


Reacting to the video, BJP is exuberant of a new found probable ally. “Rakhi ji has a tremendous visibility amongst youth,” said a key BJP strategist on the condition of anonymity. “We are trying to rope in Rakhi Sawant’s Support.”

“This Ram versus Raavan angle is brilliant with a mass appeal.”

Stressing on the versatility of Rakhi’s career he added, “BJP jingle team can reword Rakhi’s hit ‘Pardesia’ to pooh-pooh Sonia Gandhi. And Rakhi’s concept of Swayamvar could be explored to reject Rahul Gandhi on each and every account.”

“In fact the BJP is so full of these new ideas, thanks to Rakhi Sawant, that they have codenamed this new wave as RSS-New,” he chuckled.

RSS, the grand old guard, which reportedly pulled up BJP in its mishandling of growing AAP menace, is still mulling the developments. “For one, the next time Digvijay Singh maligns RSS we can let RSS-New respond. He has already experienced it once,” quipped Ram Madhav the RSS spoke person. “There is criticism about RSS re-inventing itself and we will discuss this in the next Chintan Baithak”, added Madhav on a more serious note.

Sanjay Jha, the Congress spoke person has dismissed the possibility of Rakhi joining BJP. “Our leaders are in talk with Rakhi too. However, if we can’t have Krishna we will have the teachings instead for our cyber army”, he spelled the alternative. “Her 3 minutes 8 seconds video is like The Bible of Babble,” he reportedly said balancing his secular credentials.

Meanwhile Rakhi’s video has whipped up a commenting frenzy on the social media. With the top national parties vying for Rakhi, endorsing her style, their supporters are fighting for every inch of the cyber space. A Bangalore based firm specialising in social media monitoring with a unique product called comment-o-meter which measure the total length of comments laid end to end has however expressed concerns for BJP. “At this rate of mindless growth the length of comments for BJP could go all the way from Gandhinagar to Delhi and then back,” said their analyst.