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BJP demands arrest of Digvijay Singh after he meets Sajid Khan

17, Jul 2014 By arorarahul04

In a stunning retaliation to Congress’s demands to arrest journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik after he met terror mastermind Hafiz Saeed, BJP has demanded arrest of Congress’s stand-up comedian politician Digvijay Singh after he went to meet Humshakal’s director Sajid Khan.

“Rahul ji is a brilliant leader” was all Digvijay said in his defense.

BJP leaders allege that Digvijay Singh went to congratulate Sajid Khan on the ‘success’ of his film Humshakals. They even added that Singh advised Khan to make Humshakals 2 which according to them is a serious threat to the nation.

“We highly condemn the meeting of Digvijay ji and Sajid Khan. According to our sources, he even advised Sajid Khan to make another movie which in future can turn out to be catastrophic,” said newly elected BJP president Amit Shah. “The nation is still trying to recover from the first movie. We promised nation for ‘acche din’ and it is our responsibility to ensure that ‘acche din’ arrive.

“It was a lazy and a laidback government of UPA that allowed Himmatwala and Humshakals to be made but we are not UPA. Narendra Bhai said that we need to take some tough decisions for ‘acche din’ and ensuring Humshakals 2 is not made is one of them,” Shah added.

Meanwhile, Congress defended Digvijay by saying that after Rahul Gandhi, he was now looking for another loser underdog who he can guide and make a laughing stock legend. However, they denied BJP’s allegations that Digvijay was Sajid Khan’s aadmi and said he didn’t contribute at all in the making of ‘Himmatwala’ and ‘Humshakals’.

Meanwhile, Sajid Khan was unavailable for comment as he could not speak due to a brutal physical assault by parents of children who went into depression after watching his film.