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BJP demands a new time zone, claims it will prevent rapes

24, Jan 2014 By anshg64

After giving the proposal to abolish Income Tax in order to curb black money, BJP has proposed a separate time zone to prevent rapes in the country.

Offering solutions.
Offering solutions.

It’s been less than a month, since the clocks in Assam were moved ahead by an hour and BJP now wants to move the calendar behind by a century, for the zone. Meanwhile, RSS chief , Mohan Bhagwat has suggested naming the new zone as “Bharat” . He said that though the states and regions to be included in this zone are yet to be decided, but it is likely to cover parts of Haryana ,UP, Rajasthan, MP and Maharashtra. This idea has also found resonance with Khap Panchayats , who have suggested banning “chowmein” in this zone.

The party is inviting suggestions from across the political spectrum for this move.They seemed to have received support from INLD chief, Chautala, who has reiterated that the girls should be married off at the age of 16. He said, “Girls, living in this zone, would be married at the age of 14-16, so that they have their husbands for their sexual needs, and they don’t need to go elsewhere. This way rapes will not occur”

Learning from AAP,which promised commando force for women protection, BJP will induct volunteers from Bajrang Dal. They will punish ”dented and painted” women who are found wandering in the streets at night. They will also celebrate “Brahmchari Divas” on February 14, every year. Apart from that the women will have a distinct dress code, with a strict no to short skirts. Baba Ramdev has also promised to open a Patanjali ashram to cure all the LGBT’s of the region, where they will be taught yoga asans and kriya to “cure” them.

Meanwhile the Congress has criticized BJP for dividing the country into different zones and promoting its divisive politics. Rahul Gandhi has promised that a special session of Parliament will be called and the government will come with “Rajiv Gandhi Time Zone Policy” for the country.