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BJP-Congress-AAP Coalition Institutes of National Importance

30, Mar 2014 By iamlegendaryab

The country’s first never-seenbefore BJP-Congress-AAP coalition project is all set to bring down a revolutionary change in the current education system.

The General Elections constituting the 16th Lok Sabha 2014 is all set to see a vibrant and glittering days ahead after the elections. Less than 10 days to go for the Lok Sabha elections and the country’s newsmakers are creating sensations from North East to West and North to South. Not only in the country, the trios NaMo–RaGa–AK are noticeably taking the lead roles in the charts among the noted dailies like Huffpost and WSJ in the world. While Narendra Modi, BJPs prime ministerial candidate making promises to build a corruption free nation and Rahul Gandhi focussing on empowerment of Women, Arvind Kejriwal takes a lead ahead.

Kejriwal, during a rally disclosd mega-initiative on unique establishments of ‘Indian Institutes of Politics (IIPs)’ and ‘National Institutes of Political Issues (NIPIs)’ . The upcoming IIPs and NIPSs would be the flagship institutes of the BJP-Congress-AAP allinace to promote higher learning of politics, careers in politics and citizen empowerment. He is hopeful in near future the institutions would provide quality political education and create professionals in the field of politics and would rank among the best Ivy League varsities.

When asked how he plan to take over the herculean task of establishing flagship state-of-art institute’s like IIPs and NIPIs, Mr. Kejriwal positively responded, “Our alliance is ready to take over the initiative. The institutes will be the institutes for the students who won’t have to pay a single penny. The upcoming institutes will create a revolutionary impact on the current education system of the country of higher studies”. On being asked how IIPs and NIPIs would attract bright and motivated students to leave lucrative IITs and join IIPs and NIPIs. Kejriwal said, “The newly established institutes would have a different mode of selection process. Unlike, the admission entrance tests the newly formed institutes would recruit students based on the performance on a nationwide psychometric test. We’ll provide admission students based on complete merit. The system of reservation and quotas would halt.” Being enthusiastic on a lighter tone AK hinted that big shots of the country like NaMo, RaGa and other dignitaries are well delighted in the alliance and efforts and would provide classes on women empowerment, life histories etc. During an interview the high delegations from the three parties in a party meeting disclosed that they have decided to set up the institutes in order to bring educated students so that the current ill-happenings like watching porn clips in parliament and bringing pepper spray, demolishing the good side of the world’s biggest democracy, in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha sessions won’t have a negative impact on the upcoming generation.

Bollywood’s item girl Rakhi Sawant who is going to contest LS elections independently twitted, “I’m all excited at the alliance. Looking forward as a faculty member.”