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BJP conducts written examination for allocating party tickets

31, Mar 2014 By goksdas

In order to ensure transparency and to select most intelligent candidates, it is known through sources that BJP had conducted a written examination for selection of candidates for upcoming general elections. The examination consisted of six multiple choice questions, and candidates answering all correct were allotted seats of their choice.

However, candidates scoring less than five were refused party tickets. Evaluation of answer sheets were done by party leader Rajnath Singh and PM candidate Narendra Modi.

Somehow Advani managed to pass the exam.

Examination even though looked simple, had few tricky questions which led to failure of several prominent leaders like Jaswant Singh, LK Advani and Murali Manohar Joshi among others. It is known that Advani and Joshi later applied for reevaluation and were able to clear the exam. Jaswant Singh was not lucky and it is said that his reevaluation scores were lower than the original score.

The question paper was shared by a party candidate to faking news.

Question Paper


  • Choose one correct answer among multiple choices
  • Candidate scoring all correct answers can contest in constituency of his choice.  Candidates getting 5/6 need to contest in constituency decided by the party. Candidates scoring less than 5 will not be provided party tickets
  • The correct answers are decided by the election committee and its decision is final


1. Which Indian Prime Minister was known for his silence

a. I.K. Gujaral

b. Manmohan Singh

c. Morarji Desai

d. Charan Singh

e. All of above

f. Only (a) and (b)

g. Only (a), (b) and (c)

2. Who named Arvind Kejriwal an ‘Anarchist’

a. Media

b. BJP Leaders

c. Congress leaders

d. Arvind Kejriwal himself

e. None of above

3. Who among these is not a comedian?

a. Kapil Sharma

b. Rahul Gandhi

c. Navjot Singh Sidhu

d. Raju Srivatsav

e. None of above

4. What is the age limit in India to be called a ‘Youth’

a. Below 45 years

b. Below 30 years

c. Below 25 years

d. Being youth is only a state of mind

e. There is no age limit

5. The number of days Aravind Kejriwal in CMs office was

a. 49 days

b. 47 days after factoring two days for sick leave due to cough and congestion

c. None as most of the time was spent on road shows and Dharnas

d. None of above

6. Who among the following is different from the rest

a. Subramanian Swamy

b. Darren Sammy

c. Mohammed Shami

d. MS Dhoni

A failed candidate on conditions of anonymity said that he could not understand the basis of evaluation. “For example question 6, I answered Subramanian Swamy, since he is a politician and rest are cricketers.  But I was surprised when another candidate said it was Darren Sammy, since rest are all Indians. Another candidate said Swamy, Shami and Sammy can be linked to Amar, Akbhar and Anthony and so the correct answer should be Dhoni.”

It may be recalled that Congress party had done a similar concept called “primaries” where workers voted to select ticket aspirants.