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BJP clarifies that ‘Achhe Din’ was meant for themselves, not for general public

27, Jun 2014 By Pratik Purohit

New Delhi: After facing criticism for not bringing good days (ache din) in country, instead hiking railways fares and price rise of various commodities like onions, diesel and patrol, BJP clarified on eve of 30th day of Modi led government that main tagline during election campaign “Achhe din aane wale hai’’ was for BJP leaders and workers, not for people of the country.

BJP spokesperson claimed that it was wrongly interpreted by innocent Indian people as the slogan was created for BJP leaders and workers after observing intense anger against Congress

“It was conspiracy of Congress and other opposition parties to spread lie among people during election campaign. But we were busy to organize rallies of Modi ji across country and that’s why we could not have time to clarify during elections,” said a BJP spokesperson to journalists. “We thought we will clarify once we form government in centre.”

BJP spokesperson further clarified about increasing price rise, “We did not promise to curb down inflation during our election campaign. We just criticized current government for the same as main opposition party.”

When one reporter asked about “Bahut hui mahgai ki maar, abki baar modi sarkar” line in one poster of BJP during election campaign, BJP spokesperson replied while pouring water in glass from bottle, “This was an inspirational quote for BJP candidates contesting elections to remind them that they could enjoy food in parliament canteen at subsidized rates, unperturbed from inflation(mahgai )  if they will  win election. This was one of the reasons that they worked hard and won; and we got majority in Lok Sabha. You mistakenly took it for voters.”

“If politically aware people like you can make mistake than I can understand about general people,” grinned BJP spokesperson towards reporter.

Speaking about rail fare hike, BJP spokesperson said while dodging question over corruption and irregularities in Indian railways, “Indian Railway is in loss. Most easy and conventional way to earn profit is to increase fare.”

BJP leader further argued that, “When People can pay 200 Rs for 5 kilometers in auto rickshaw than why can’t they pay little extra money for train journey. People are not angry with our decision; opposition is just trying to create hype.”

When Faking News reporter asked that why BJP protested over same decision of previous government to hike railway hike, he replied, “Look, at that time we didn’t have anything to do, so we criticized incumbent government. Now we are in government and busy.”