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BJP claims mercury staying below 45 degrees in Delhi a sign of achhe din

21, May 2014 By Pen10

The mercury staying below 45 degrees this summer in Delhi has surprised many, but not the BJP. In a press conference today BJP spokesperson Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad claimed that this is a sure sign that Achche Din have come.

Delhi Climate
Delhi weather report.

“I want to tell you my dear media people,” he said, “that the temperature in Delhi has stayed below 45 degrees is clearly because the Modi wave has swept the heat away. This is a certain sign that Achche Din are here.”

The Congress had however heavily invested in coolers and ACs for the city. All that now seems to have been in vain considering the relatively lower temperatures.

The Congress Vice President had reportedly offered to resign for this gross oversight but the resignation was promptly rejected by the Congress President.

“Investing in ACs and coolers was entirely the Government’s fault and the Congress Vice President had nothing to do with it,” all Congress members we talked to said, “We believe in and trust the leadership of the Congress President and Vice President.” Sources said the outgoing Prime Minister accepted the responsibility for the goof-up and said “Theek hai.”

When Faking News contacted Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav in this context he said, “It clearly shows that the weather is communal.” He however quickly retracted his statement when he discovered a caged parrot in his vicinity.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has meanwhile accused the weather to be a paid Ambani-agent and has promised to expose it soon.

“Why is the weather not showing its true colours this year?” he said at a street-corner meeting in Chandni Chowk, “I was just handed papers by an officer of the Gujarat government that shows that the Weather has taken bribes from Ambani and the BJP.”