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BJP claims Acche Din are here - Aam Aadmi able to pay 1 Lac rupees Electricity Bill

06, Jul 2015 By Ajoy Kumar Singha

BJP leadership today in a press release claimed Good days have arrived. Acche din aa chuke hain.

“We have fulfilled our poll promise within just one year. With Narendra Modiji’s visionary leadership, our party is able to fulfill the most important poll promise made last year,” said an enthusiastic BJP supporter.

Earlier aam aadmi had no time to pay the bill
Earlier aam aadmi had no time to pay the bill

Last year, BJP made an agressive poll campaign and used a very intelligent slogan “Achhe Din Aane Wale Hain”.

Congress and other non-existent political parties were asking when the good days would arrive. Even though Prime Minister said this few weeks back that good days have arrived, but no one believed it. This time, BJP claims they have the proof for achhe din.

With the press release BJP attached a copy of Arvind Kejriwal’s recent electricity bill of more than Rs. 1 Lac.

They said when an aam aadmi like Arvind Kejriwal, who travels on Metro and eats paan at road side kirana shop, can afford to incur electricity bill of Rs. 1 Lac in a month, what proof do you need to believe that good days have arrived?

When asked about this issue of over Rs. 1 Lac electricity bill, Congress’ Digvijay Singh said “Yeh to saazish hain Congress party ko badnaam karne ki. Hum Rahul ji ko Pradhan Mantri bante dekhna chahte hain.”

When reminded about this incidence had nothing to do with Congress Party or Rahul Gandhi, he said in his usual tone “Iski CBI jaanch honi chaahiye.”