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BJP blames Kejriwal for advertising WagonR

26, Dec 2013 By priteshpathak

New Delhi: In a dramatic turn of events, BJP’s said that AAP had cut out a deal with Maruti for advertising WagonR.

Arvind in his
Arvind in his WagonR.

“Why didn’t they use any other car? Why not Nano? (Is it because it rhymes with NaMo) Why only Wagon R? There definitely something fishy here,” said the BJP spokesperson. “All this fuss about not taking security is nothing but a facade to cover their real intentions.  The truth about the party fighting against corruption is now coming out”.

It is noteworthy that previously there were allegations that the Muffler and Gandhi Topi manufacturer mafia were providing funds for AAP’s election campaign.  There was a report that even the jhadu manufacturers were somehow involved.  “The whole AAP phenomenon is subliminal product placement advertisements.  They have taken money for all this,” said a source who did not want to be named.

Meanwhile in Ralegan Siddhi, Anna Hazare called a press conference to make and statement on the issue and said, “I have no comments to make about Kejriwal.  Uso jo karna hain wok kare, jis car mein ghumna hain ghume.  Mujhe kya?”  (He can do whatever he wants, drive whichever car he wants.  Who am I to comment)

When our correspondent contacted, both AAP and Maruti ridiculed the allegations as baseless.  “Who is driving the car?” said Mr. Kejriwal, “It is not me, not you but the AAM aadmi.  And once the Aam aadmi wakes up, he can drive any car he wants”.