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BJP asked me to go slow on Malegon case which was proceeding at great pace during Congress rule: Special Prosecutor

28, Jun 2015 By manithan

Mumbai: Ispecial Prosecutor to the Malegon blast case, Salluni, has now blasted the ruling BJP government, stating that, NIA which comes under government, has asked him to go slow on that case. He added that the case was proceeding at monstrous pace during UPA rule and that has been halted only now.

If only Congress was ruling India from 2004 to 2014, Saffron terrorism would had been curbed. But, BJP's rule gave free hand to Hindu extremists.
If only Congress was ruling India from 2004 to 2014, Saffron terrorism would had been curbed. But, BJP’s rule in those ten years gave free hand to Hindu extremists.

Speaking to Faking News, Salluni, with his closed eyes, said, “Bombs ripped outside a mosque in Malegon in 2008 and…”

We interrupted him asking why he is talking with closed eyes, for which he said that he had got so much experience that he can tell everything with even closed eyes. He then continued, obviously with closed eyes, “Let me continue. So, the investigations pointed fingers to involvement of Hindu extremist groups in the blast. Sadhvi Pragya was arrested and this led to UPA ministers coining the term ‘saffron terror’. I was appointed Ispecial Prosecutor in 2009. Ever since I took the case, both UPA at the centre and NCP at the state extended great support in the case. The case was proceeding at cheetah’s pace. The accused in the case were investigated in a year and they were sentenced to death in the same year. They were hanged to death on 30 December 2009.”

“Such was the pace with which UPA dealt with extremists. They could have delayed the investigation to get the Hindu votes. Also, they could have just kept on saying Hindu extremists to appease the minority votebank. But they didn’t do that. They sent the right message to Indians that irrespective of any religion the terrorists belongs to, that person will be punished. If only BJP was there in State or Centre then, they would have dragged the case till 2014. That is why, we need Congress rule at the Centre always,” continued Salluni, but his speech turned slurry for the past few minutes.

It was then we realised that Salluni who was speaking to us with closed eyes had actually dozed off during the half of his speech. We also realised that he was dreaming and that he was actually talking in his dream. We then shook him up and he woke up startled. He  then asked, “What was I speaking to you? Oh.. about the Malegon blasts. BJP government asked me to go slow on the case. They are trying to protect the Hindu extremists. Secularism and Democracy is in danger. What more questions you need to ask? That’s it. End of interview.”

Saying so, he yawned and left the place.