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BJP and Congress call for repolling, allege conspiracy

08, Dec 2013 By waxknor

New Delhi: Two days after the record voting in Delhi’s Assembly elections. Congress and BJP have come out together and alleged a common conspiracy against them by alleging that citizens of Delhi were un usually giving more respect by addressing each other “AAP” on Dec 4.

Sources said that, the trouble was first reported in the posh sub city of Dwarka, when a polling agent on duty asked an elderly couple to use the other entrance gate to the polling booth: `AAP log agle gate se andar jaiye “. This was objected by the supporters of BJP and Congress alleging conspiracy to try and influence the voters to support AAP (Aam Aadmi Party).

The Supporters of both these parties also add that people were extra courteous to each other (not expected in Delhi) and talking more in Hindi with each other (again uncommon in Delhi) and using “Aap” in every sentence to address each other, supporting the conspiracy theory. On the other hand, Department of Official Language, promoting Hindi, expressed happiness suggesting that their efforts were finally reaping fruits.

On the contrary, Aam Aadmi Party supporters allege that Police tried to stop people supporting Aam Aadmi Party to vote. They claim to hear a lady constable telling a 7 year old girl (with her mother), “beta AAP andar nahin ja sakte”, implying that AAP voters were not permitted in the polling booth.

Soon related incidents started to be reported from other parts of the city.

In Sangam Vihar area of South Delhi, Some Congress workers stopped a MCD sweeper brooming the government school corridor where the voters were suppose to queue up before the voting could start at 8 AM.

“These MCD workers were not visible and were just putting in fake attendance till yesterday, but have come with brooms to clean the city today”, said Ved Prakash Kamboj, the Congress leader. (Broom is the party symbol of Aam Aadmi Party).

He also alleged that this clearly shows that Aam Aadmi Party and BJP (who is ruling MCD) are looking to form coalition after the elections.

“We even complained to the Election Commission to immediately stop the use of broom in the entire city today”, he said. A few house maids welcomed the idea and supported him by burning crackers, he claimed.

Election Commission has agreed to look into the matter and suggested that this is serious then ‘Khooni Panja’ remark, since the incident has chances of raising confusion among voters, between Aam Aadmi Party and MCD, since both claim to hold proprietary control over broom.