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Birthday celebrations of Rahul Gandhi

08, Jul 2015 By jainshashank86

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi celebrated his birthday in a very grand manner. His party mates ensured no stones unturned in making Rahul baba’s wishes fulfilled.

Our sources reported that Rahul baba was gifted a new toy gun by his favourite tutor Mr Diggi Raja.When contacted, Diggi Raja accepted that Rahul has demanded a toy gun 3 years back, but he kept on postponing his favorite pupil’s wish because he thought gifting such evil toys could corrupt baba’s mind. But now, Diggi was fully assured that Rahul is matured enough to handle toy guns.

Rahul Gandhi after eating birthday cake
Rahul Gandhi after eating birthday cake

Everyone who attended the in-house party wore a clown cap to surprise and delight Rahul baba. Everyone also took part in musical chair event which was finally won by none other than Uncle Manmohan Singh.

On contacted, Mr Singh told us about his emphatic win in musical chair event and attributed his success to Congress Prez Sonia Gandhi. “Without Sonia ji’s guidance, I would have never achieved this feat.” He further emphasized, “Even Rahul baba’s performance in musical chair was no less. I’m pretty sure he will defeat me in next year’s competition.”

Amongst various gifts, Rahul baba also received a new Gi-Joe set from Uncle Chidambaram. Games like Gi-joe will help in building strategic mindset of Rahul, which is very crucial from party’s future perspective, sources say.

The only surprise was Arvind Kejriwal who also came to attend the party. Wearing his muffler, he also seemed in very jolly mood at party.

“Initially we all were taken aback that what the hell this party spoiler was doing here, as he wasn’t interested in talking to anyone neither anyone one of us wanted to talk to him,” recalled Ambika Soni, “Things went even worse when Ms Sonia Ji tried to make him comfortable and politely served him ice-cream, but when Arvind coughed at her face, Soniaji soon realised her mistake and served him a cough syrup instead. After having 2 tbsp of syrup, he felt homely and participated in all activities.”