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Binny calls off hunger strike after getting a secret sms from LG Najeeb Jung

28, Jan 2014 By R K Singh

Expelled AAP leader Binny called off his hunger strike immediately after getting a secret SMS from Delhi’s LG Najeeb Jung that he won’t be serving paranthas as his cook is on an indefinite strike too.

As per LG’s office, the official reason for the cook’s strike is poor work life balance. However, Faking news reporter Naarad says that the cook is pissed off for not getting the promotion due as Head Chef despite being from the minority community and that too when general elections are just round the corner.

Binny has accused LG Najeeb Jung of partiality and discrimination. Binny has said since he represents a constituency in the un-posh locality of Yamuna Paar (Laxmi Nagar) while his ex-boss Arvind Kejriwal does Gole Market, a supposedly posh area with regular power and water supply, LG doesn’t consider him worthy of his hospitality. Very unfair indeed.

Binny has warned if LG doesn’t re-consider his decision in ten days, he’ll resume his hunger strike. By that time, it will be less cold in Delhi, thus Binny would attract greater number of supporters, and cause bigger disruption that AAP’s latest dharna post the Somnath Bharati’s engineered Khirkigate (mis) adventure.

Binny has also threatened to sue LG’s friend Arvind Kejriwal for IPR violation for using his ideas on mohalla sabhas when he has expelled him from the primary membership of AAP. He is ready to reconsider this decision if Kejriwal changes his mind on either inducting him into his Cabinet or give himLoksabha ticket from the East Delhi constituency. Binny claims he is the most flexible AAP member and always eager to work for the better of aam adami of Delhi.